01 March, 2009


When Chiles Collide
When a big can of Hatch's (New Mexico) mild, fire roasted, "Big Jim" green chiles, collide with a freshly thawed bag of Brighton's (Colorado) "Anaheims", and they are tossed into the food processor and turned into thick sauce...there is sure to be an explosion of flavors.
Add in the trimmings from a huge pork loin, browned in bacon fat, dusted with garlic and onion powder and finely ground red Chimayo (New Mexico) mild chile, let the whole pot simmer for about 6 hours, adjusting the salt and cumin and ground peppercorns at the end...
Look Out Scout! Beloved, that is some mighty tasty green chile for Huevos Rancheros or smothered Burritos (the pic above) or to drizzle over a Mexican style Brat (made with jalapeno and Mexican cheddar) grilled, split and laid out on a bed of steaming rice.
Yep, you can add it to chicken soup, pour it on marinated, mesquite grilled skirt steak
or a mess of "desebrada" ( pulled cheek meat) or some Mexican lamb chops.
~~Are Ya' Hongry Yet!~~