15 December, 2007


Photo courtesy of Oleg Volk Studios - (http://olegvolk.livejournal.com/)

The Cost of Freedom

When I watch closely and listen with an open heart to the parents and siblings and children and friends of those serving overseas, I hear echoes of those who have gone before.

I see a lone candle and a flag bordered in red, a white field with a blue star hanging in a frosted window. Hope resides in voices and eyes. Voices that sometimes crack with uncertainty, yet valiant, stive on. Eyes sometimes shadowed dark from sleepless nights in prayer and battling demons who whisper to an empty bed, alone and cold.

Will the next phone call tell the final tale?

They who sit and wait also serve and deserve our prayers, our support and gratitude just as much as they who walk the front lines...boots on the ground or in support, munitions, maintenance, clerical.

There are ways to show them our support. Lets do it.