26 May, 2007

Memorial Day ~ 28 May 2007

Aaron Boggs Anthony - Captain, U.S. Army Air Corp, 13th Air Force – 5th Heavy Bomber Group in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. Bob and his crew, members of the 31st Bomber Squadron, flew their Consolidated B-24 Liberators on 51 missions in and around the Philipine Islands.

Dad was born 23 May 1917 and died 21 Sept. 2005.


Clayton Charles Kemp, Jr - Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician 3rd ClassHS-8, CVSG-59, USS BENNINGTON United States Navy.

09 October 1947 - 12 January 1967 Wheatridge, Colorado

Panel 14E Line 017, Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial, Washington, DC

Chuck died in North Vietnamese waters when the helicopter on which he crewed went down. His body was never recovered.
It was three months and three days after his nineteenth birthday.
He was more than just a friend, he was like a brother.
As long as I draw breath, his memory will not be forgotten.


Pearl Harbor survivor, Houston James of Dallas, embraced Marine Staff Sargent Mark Graunke Jr. during a Veteran's Day commemoration yesterday. Graunke lost a hand, an eye and a leg while difusing an IED in Iraq last year. - 11 November 2005, Associate Press