09 November, 2008


A River Ran Through It.

(With a tip'o' the fishing hat to Norman Maclean and a tip of the ink pen to Theodore (Dr. Seuss)Giesle.)
Compare American History to the flow of a river winding through one of Colorado's pictureque montane valleys. Over a period of years, the cuts and twists form into convoluted snake like "Ox-bows." Every spring the snowpack, grown deep from winter storm heaped on winter storm begins to melt. In late May this melt begins to swell the rivers. Sometime in June, the run-off crests, overflowing river banks, washing detrius downstream, flushing out silt and, sometimes, changing the course of the river. This year's runoff was a true watershed event. It was one of the strongest, longest flows that has ever been recorded, staying powerful well into July.

We'll call this year's spring run-off the housing/banking/retirement investment crisis.

One physical attribute of the run-off is that it has the power to change the flow of the river. The raging current seeks the path of least resistance. And sometimes it bypasses one or more of the large Ox-bows, cutting them off. They are no longer part of the river's flow. Slowly they turn into backwater swamps, stagnant and fetid. Over the years, the prairie reclaims them. Its how the deep riparian meadow soil of the montane valleys is created.

Meandering "Ox-bows" along the Middle Fork
of the South Platte River. - South Park, Colorado

The banking/housing "crisis" whether truthful and real, or manufactured or neither, ran like the floods of spring through both presidential campaigns. Like the raging river, it cut across the long standing "Ox-bows" of Republican conservatism, cutting off their power, their voice and the long held beliefs that America's economic strength is based in a free and open market, little fettered by government regulation.

All other talking points and concerns were overshadowed by "THE ECONOMY!" Right or wrong, that is how the dominant liberal media reported the concerns of middle America. While a seemingly cool and calm Barrack Hussein Obama, held true to his shallow and ubiquitous course of "Hope and Change", the old warhorse, John McCain, seemed to stumble and act unsure of which course of action to take.

That was enough to turn the tides after the big gain McCain/Palin experienced in the post-election rally. It was the final collapse of a campaign built on the belief that compromise and bi-partisanship are a position of strength which will draw the American people to stand with the Republican platform. It was a campaign built upon talk, not action.

The RNC, run by "moderate" Republicans and RINO's, allowed and/or encouraged, supported the dominant liberal media's attack on Sarah Palin and the Conservatives within the Republican Party. This destructive tactic along with their indecisive, pathetic inability to pin down Barrack Hussein Obama on his clearly Socialist policy points, foreign and domestic; and his own shallow political portfolio, left the door open for a strong showing by a weak and splintered Democrat party.

What now?
We are waging a physical war against Islamic terrorism on foreign soil. We are waging a philisophical war against creeping socialism at home and in Europe, and we are at war in a great fiscal battle against growing Asian economic giants, little constrained by ethical concerns, whether they be humanitarian or environmental...or political.
If America is to regain its power and prominence within the World community; if she is to return to her place as "A Shining Beacon on the Hill..." as Ronald Reagan called her, we must act. We conservatives must act knowing that our actions are based in the power of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and most importantly, in our belief that God has ordained this Republic to stand as a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world.
It is of extreme importance that a strong Conservative Political Platform be written and used as a basis for action. It is not a document which will be compromised or held up to bi-partisan discussion. It is our strength, the strength of conservative, hardworking, middle America.
It is the last and the best promise for America. I will write next what I believe that platform to be.
Right now, it is dinner time.
I found a sealed packet of butterflied Antelope tenderloins buried in the freezer. I will sautee them with butter, a bit of diced onion and garlic, serve them with some boiled red potatoes and green beans. Maybe I'll get a bit crazy and poach a couple of Bosque pears in Benedictine and Brandy, dusted with allspice,cinammon and a bit of nutmeg.
The War for our National Soul is not over. We have lost a battle, yet a fine warrior and commander has gained her stripes...and she will return:
Governor Sarah Palin.