01 April, 2009

There's Sumpin' about a Woman in Uniform

Kronprinsesse Mary, Løjtnant


She is 37, mother of two children, born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. On 19 February 2009, she was awarded the rank of Lieutenant in the Danish Home Guard.
She is also the Crown Princess of Denmark, Mary Elizabeth.
The princess has put in her time and training to become a ranked officer.
The Home Guard is a volunteer unit of the Danish military that is tasked with domestic security. Princess Mary joined the unit last year and received basic training
in weapon use and care, basic first aid, marching drills, signalling, fire-fighting and rescue. She went on to officer school for additional training in security and surveillance command. Princess Mary’s attachment will be the Total Defence Region Copenhagen.

For those who are interested, the Crown Princess shoots a Danish military standard issue M-16 variant manufactured by Colt/Canada -Diemaco, designated a "C-7" with variants. Its the .223 Remington/5.56 X 45mm NATO round that has been in service since Eugene Stoner brought it to production just prior to the Viet Nam war.

Evidently, she has taken to her military training with charm, grace....and a goodly amount of gusto, enjoying the firearms and field training. That should not be thought at all unusual, given she is proud to wear the tartan and thistle on St. Andrew's Day....and a proud daughter of Scots immigrants to Australia.


  1. Beauty, brains and firepower!
    I love it!

  2. What gets me is that what she has done is NOT unusual. Not only is it is expected of the Royals to serve within the military home guard...it is applauded by the majority of Danish citizenry who understand what a fragile piece of land they occupy.

    THAT...is what I applaud.

    Can you imagine what a friggin' uproar there would be if Barry and Michelle's eldest, Malia, decided to join ROTC, then attend OCS and head off to West Point or Annapolis or The AFA in CoSpgs!!!!

  3. Waaaahaaaahaaaaa!
    Can you imagine if BARRY served?