29 June, 2009

TIME : Too Little, Too Much, and Never Enough

~Seeking Kairos~

When the sun slides ever Westward, drawn to the horizon, rolling down to a distant night, there is a point where the veil twixt this world and all others grows thin, easily breeched. The twenty (or so) universes lie close to one another as pages in a book, separated by a mere breath of thought. The mind wanders across the threshold. Spirits slip back and forth and sometimes forget which side they tread. Time as we know it grows meaningless.

Golems, Grendels and wraiths wait in that place twixt the worlds, shadows ready to slip into mischief. Some come unbidden, some are called. Fear is their greatest weapon. Darkness is their being. 'Tis primeval...as C.S. Lewis calls it:

"Deep magic from the dawn of time."
Young children understand this instinctually. Those who hunt and fish alone in the wild understand....And many of the ancient ones among us know it well.

Most modern "adult" humans don't understand, they are out of tune...or they dismiss it as some physical or psychological abberation. As Scrooge scoffed: "...nothing more than a bit of undigested potato! "....Until at some point while wandering into old age, that vision rises up, unfettered by reason, modern societal sensory overload and the ability to dismiss the sight of an angelic spectre sitting on their life partner's headboard, beckoning them homeward...

Or the Magnolia which puts out a singular, spectacular bloom in late September as a southern gentleman departs from the broken, used up vessel that carried him for near 90 years on this wicked ol'earth.

Those of you who read this blog with some frequency understand the concepts of Chronos and Kairos.

- Chronos is Man's time. It is created.... the inevitable ticking of the clock leading us all to that one point when the clock stops and we cease to exist on this plane, this planet, and in this "TIME."

- Kairos is God's time. It knows no bounds. It is the mind of God, the moving will of the great Creator.


I mentioned C.S. Lewis and his statement about deep magic from the beginning of time. The irony is that this "magic" of which Lewis speaks, is tied to Chronos. It is:
" ...from the beginning of time."

This concept is predicated upon the fact that there is something else. Lewis calls it:

" Deeper Magic from Before the Beginning of Time "

This is Kairos, God's time. It is uncluttered by any of creation... or reason or scientific exploration and the laws of physics...or any other construct of mankind.
It is not Gaia, the earth mother.
It is not Mars, the bringer of War.
It is not the entertwined planetary aspects of astrology.
It exists outside the universe twisting theorem of quantum physics.
It is not Wicca, or Muslim, or Methodist, or Shinto, or Bhodidharma- Bhodisatva Hindu.
It is not any creation of mankind.....

It is found in direct relationship with God thru His only Son.

And that is the conundrum, the inescapable, implausable, ultimately unknowable God desiring with his whole being to reconnect with imperfect, broken and sinful creation, and with mankind.

He shows up in the most uncanny of places. I saw this shoe. It belongs to my Mom and was dragged out of the closet by the youngest of her dogs as a chew toy. Set on the table, someone placed a feather in the heel socket. I walked in the door and the image impaled my spirit. Mom's flight is nearing ready to call her and take her home.

Does that mean she will die tomorrow, or next week or next year?


And that, beloved is the imposition of my Chronos on God's Kairos.
Her pewter and lace and fine antiques will remain for some "time" after she has gone

Her 200 year old square grand piano will continue to sing for another 200 years, long after we all have gone....in Chronos time.

None of that matters to God. His will is outside of and encompasses all of creation from the moment that Chronos began burning the wick of creation until He, the Master, chooses to snuff it out.

What matters to him is relationship. Y’all might want to plop down on your knees and have a little talk. God, the great Creator, He is waiting, hoping you will come and walk outside of Chronos for a little bit. What? You are too busy, too distracted, too involved? OK, He will wait and call to you. After all, He has all the time in the world.