04 April, 2009

Disgrace in Boulder

The Ward Churchill Saga

Ward Churchill began the falsification of documents to fit his own agenda after he was drafted to serve in Viet Nam in 1966: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ward_Churchill)

- In 1991,Ward Churchill was granted tenure at the University of Colorado without due process. The previous year he had been hired as an associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, without the required doctoral degree. He was given that tenure based upon questionable writings and unsubstantiated genealogy.

- In 2005, in a divisive break with mainstream AIM (American Indian Movement) politics and policy, Dennis Banks and the Bellecourt brothers (members of the Ojibwa Tribe) denounced Churchill and his so-called Native American heritage. His claims were found to be fraudulent by the AIM Council.

- On 26 June 2006, the Chancellor of the University filed notice of intent to fire Churchill based upon findings that he had plagarized both artwork and literary work and then published them as his own without attribution to the orignators.

- In June of 2006, David Lane, a high profile Denver social justice lawyer and ACLU member, took on Churchill’s defense. Lane subsequently crafted a lengthy and convoluted, and ultimately successful legal battle to clear Churchill’s conviction.

- Now, almost three years after he was fired, on 2 April,2009, a jury of two men and four women exonerated Churchill in what has been called a “compromised verdict.” Read the story here:


It has yet to be determined if Churchill will be reinstated as a Professor at the University of Colorado.

My own feelings keep me from saying much else with any objectivity.

Ward Churchill was born a seven days before my High School chum, Clayton Charles "Chuck" Kemp.

Chuck Kemp died off the Coast of Viet Nam in January of 1967, serving on a helicopter gun ship. His body was never recovered. He died defending the “rights” of filth like Ward Churchill to lie, cheat, deride and subvert with treasonous acts while living a priveleged and protected life in these United States.


  1. Churchill doesn't deserve to be addressed as "Professor". This slime ball needs to crawl back into whatever sewer who came from.

  2. Dan,
    No arguement from me! He has lied, conspired, cheated and bought his way to where he is now.

    I despise the man and those who support him.

  3. "athusoss" is what my "fer real" Amerind Grandfather would call him, and I would agree.....


    Malsom, Wollf

  4. Wollf,
    Most snakes at least have the decency to be true their own kind.

    I would call him "Lathspell' or Wormtongue