20 April, 2009

Ten Years Ago Today

The Memory of Columbine


10 years ago today, two teenage killers walked out of their middle class, suburban homes in Littleton, Colorado and into historic infamy. Before noon, 15 people would be dead, including the killers. Metro-Denver had officially joined the leagues of " the big cities". It remains a sad commentary on post-modern America and some of its twisted, malignant pop-culture.

^Credit: Ed Andreski ~ AP^

Out of the wreckage of that tragic massacre, there have been at least two positive ongoing actions that continue to thrive and grow:

*The Never Forgotten Fund*

1) - Dave Logan, a graduate of Wheat Ridge High School, local sports talk show host and voice of the Denver Broncos, worked with KOA-AM radio and its parent company Clear Channel Communications, to create an ongoing endowment, scholarship fund in memory of the 13 victims. Donations can be made through the Denver Foundation Columbine page:

2) - A memorial park was planned, funded and constructed by private and corporate donations, across from Columbine High School. It continues to be a gathering place to remember the loss, and the blessings resurrected from that horrific tragedy.

Yeup, there are 13 memorial crosses.....Which, with great grief and defiance, stand strong in the face of "conventional wisdom" which states that America is not a Christian nation.

May God bless all who survived and the families of the fallen.


  1. God rest all of their souls, even the two boys, whom I pray were spared the fires of Hell, although not those of Purgatory.

  2. Digi,

    Indeed! God doesn't wish for eternal division/separation from any of his creation. I pray for full reconciliation of the killers with God.

    However, its remains in their will to choose God or self.