10 April, 2009

The Passion of Christ

Echoes of Mary's Tears

Today, over at: http://digihairshirt.blogspot.com/ , Stephanie posted a video clip from Mel Gibson's film: THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

She titled the post "Today, We All are Mary." There was no other comment. The camera focuses on Mary, the chosen one, the earthly Mother of God as her firstborn son undergoes unimaginable torture, scourging and finally brutal cruxifiction under Roman law, dealt mercilessly by the Roman legion.

I wrote a response that bears repeating here. It has been edited and expanded upon for content and grammar ....and for expository clarity.

"Good Friday at St. James, the candles are gone, the tabernacle empty, the door ajar...draped in black. The torches, gone... the bells, silent...the pulpits, the tables bare.

The altar is stark and alone and empty, draped in black. It is the table of sacrifice.

Tonight we will read the St. John Passion by torchlight and pray the Good Friday litany cloaked only in black cassocks, no jewelry, no crosses. Echoes rejoin with soft tears and torn hearts. Jesus is gone, he is not here.

Every reminder of Christ removed, swept away by our selfishness and sin...and we are left alone, bereft of our beloved saviour, friend and brother.

Yeup..., today, we are all Mary.

Were it not that we already know the outcome, it would seem that the 'Deep Magic from the Dawn of Time' (1) has prevailed, and Satan won the war."

We wait, heartsick and broken, and to the world, bereft of hope.


(1) - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - C. S. Lewis, Chap.13


  1. Wishing you and the Mrs. a very blessed Easter! What a great holiday we enjoy!