27 March, 2009

Albuquerque Low

Blizzard ~ 26 March 2009

It was the classic set up. A large low pressure system settled in around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Its counter-clockwise rotation scooped up moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and California. To the North, a high pressure system rolled down from Sasketchewan. Its clockwise flow pulled the cold air southward and pushed it up against Colorado's Front Range mountains.

The result was what the local meteorologists call a "back door" or "upslope" weather system. Unlike the prevailing westerly flow of winds, the winds blow from the east and north pushing the moist air up against the foothills and front range. As the air cools, it's ability to hold moisture decreases and it begins to snow....and snow....and snow!

The following photos were taken outside our home in a 24 hour time frame. Since we live in the North-west corner of Denver, we were hit with a good dose of blowing and drifting snow. Its tough to make accurate measurements. I'm guessing that we were blessed with about a foot of the white gold, probably holding at least the equivalent of 2 to 3 inches of moisture...a goodly amount. And we need it. Its been an unusually dry winter.

09:00 hrs. -26 March 2009

11:00 hrs. -26 March 2009

13:00 hrs. -26 March 2009

17:00 hrs. - 26 March 2009

07:00 hrs. - 27 March 2009


  1. Makes me shiver just looking at it!
    All over now, except the digging out?

  2. Melissa,
    At this time of year, the sun is high enough and there has been enough warm weather that the roads and sidewalks will melt off quickly...The rest?

    I hope it soaks into the ground!!!

    Digging out means clearing the walks and driving as much as possible to expose asphalt to the sun.

  3. Shows you how much I know about living around snow :)

  4. I was supposed to go visit my daughter in the foothills of Colorado but put it off for another week or two.

    We're supposed to have rain/snow high winds tomorrow. Good day to stay in and bake bread or do reloads.

  5. Brigid,
    yes'sum....I cooked!

    Then I shoveled and dug out a trail for the ol' Nate dog. His hips are going downhill fast.

    I'm looking to buy more pistol/rifle/shotgun primers. I'm good on brass for now and bullet and shot.

    Watch the weather close....we are in a traditional Spring weather cycle....lots of moisture and monsoon flow.