16 January, 2009

Woodworking - Part IV

Carved Wood,
Heart and Soul
Let's take a look at carved woodwork speaking in different species and with unique voices.

Words fall away, and at best... The work speaks for itself.

(1) Pine Mirror: 60" wide X 42" tall X 2" thick. It is finished with caustic soda, shellac and a dark wax:

(2) Three Drawer Cherry Serpentine front COD: 42" wide X 20" deep X 34" high. This side chest has drawer fronts with sprigs of Oak carved in bookmatched patterns on either side.

(3) Alder Pier Table: 60" wide X 18" deep X 35" high

(4) White Oak Plate Rack: 54" wide X 8" deep X 36" high


  1. OMG!
    That mirror is gorgeous!
    All your work is incredible, but that mirror! WOW!

  2. They are all works of art my friend.

  3. DW,
    Thanks....Yanno, this "body of work" represents less than half of what I have built over the last 20 some odd years.

  4. BTW - your photo header is gorgeous. CO does seem to get the prettiest sunrises and sunsets. It's nice that you capture them on film for us to enjoy.