07 January, 2009

Israeli Defense Forces

Women of the I.D.F.

The latest military skirmishes between the Hamas terrorist and the I.D.F. has sparked a renewed interest in the Israeli Military....and the women who serve in the defense of the Jewish homeland.

Irish Elk (http://mcns.blogspot.com/) posted some links featuring some of these young women. In turn, that prompted me to do some research on my own.
The following are images from that search which I post without commentary:


  1. Beautiful women - all of them

  2. DW,
    The last pic is a group of IDF paratroopers, tough and beautiful.

    I can only imagine what some poor Islamic terrorist schmucks would think seeing these Valkerie dropping out of the sky.

  3. *Yum*...and hides tail from DW.

    (Howdy Sven!)

  4. Wollf,

    Yummers indeed! Those eyes behind what look like .50 Cal machine gun rounds (every 5th round a tracer) are enough to make most men weak-in-the ahhh, erm, ho'boy

    Yeah that's it, KNEES!!!

  5. She DOES have beautiful eyes!

  6. Melissa,
    I was thinking this evening on the way home, (Yeah, I know, a dangerous propostion)that the Israeli culture celebrates the beauty of a woman warrior. They are allowed to keep long hair, wear makeup and look.... HAWT!

    There isn't that underlying current of "G.I. Jane" Feminaziism, ugly, harsh and condesending.

    They don't have to prove that they are as good as, or better than a man. They are what they are women warriors. They serve where they are needed to defend their homeland.

    Yanno, I would love to see a debate between some of these lovelies and a platoon of Code Pink wingnuts!

  7. OH. MY. STARS.
    I would pay good money to see that!

  8. Sven & MiTX - I don't see the beauty in those eyes. They look sad, droopy kinda like dog eyes.

    Now, the pix of the other women....they are all HAWT. Both in looks and athletic bodies.

    *Anybody seen Wollf's tail??*

  9. DW,
    Hazel Eyes on Fire!

    I would not want to look through binocs, over a trench mound and see those eyes looking back at me!

    'Specially if she were the gunny sargent in charge of a Browning .50cal. machine gun.

  10. I LOVE the Jewish people and the nation of Israel! And I love these photos of the Women of the Israeli Defense Forces. I had a blog up which had some great photos of IDF girls posted on it; but somewhere along the line they went offline; apparently due to their not being hosted on a server. I hope you all won't mind if I use some of yours?

  11. Regulator....go for it!

    Most came from Rachel Papo's home page: