17 December, 2008

Tuti Amore, Cenerentolla Mia


The delightful e-claire posited a question about Christmas cookies over at

which started a thread about favorites.....and the Italian Pizzelle came to mind. The light lace cookies cooked in an iron that resembles a small waffle iron is a staple in Italian deserts. Most historians agree that the Pizzelle as a cookie originated in the Abruzzo region sometime in the 8th century.

Frequent readers know that my genetics are all Irish/Celt and Scandinavian. However, I grew up in old North Denver/Wheat Ridge which has a strong Italian heritage. That cultural factor continues to influence and flavor my life: cooking, living, loving, music... yep, most of who I am.

Growing up, we always had basket cheese and pizzelles at Eastertide and canoli and pizzelles at Christmas. Mom would make a huge baker's bowl of anise flavored batter and turn we kiddos loose in front of the stove with her two prized pizzelle irons. Hours later the kitchen would be a blizzard of light brown, anise flavored snowflakes!
Mediterranean Cuisine 101:
Iberian, Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Syrian, the north coast of Africa.....
Ya gotchere whole, healthy food pallette ...goat and sheep, seafood, olives, deep spices and strong herbs, dates and pinon nuts and stuffed grape leaves and hearty red wine.....AND, year round greens.
And, the breads!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soft, summer wheat to tie the whole feast together. Pasta and simple flat breads, the true sourdough and paninni....the first yeast breads.
There is origin of Pizzelles......honey sweetened....anise, lemon, cinammon, vanilla flavored lace.
Recipes to follow!


  1. Yummy - if they taste even a portion as good as they look - Fantastic!

  2. DW,
    THEY DO!...melt in your mouth nummers.

  3. Anise is apparently an acquired taste. I for one love the flavor of anise, but I like licorice too :)
    Sounds yummy!