20 November, 2008

Sixty-One and Counting

The Casper, Star-Tribune reported today that Jason Phillip's plea for "self defense" in the the assault case was denied by the Natrona District Court. Mr. Phillip was arrested for biting off the ear of Benjamin Ledford in a bar fight last July.
That, dear friends, was the first bit of news I heard this morning as I awoke to grey skies, freezing rain and a foul, cold day ahead. 61 years ago today, I popped out and began my earthly journey while Mom listened to the live broadcast of Princess Elizabeth's marriage to Prince Philip.
Mom tells me that there was a raging blizzard in Denver. Heh!.......that figures!
I think I'll leave work a little early, maybe shoot a goose...more appropriately, shoot "AT" a goose.
OH, and don't forget to wish ex-UN ambassador, John Boulton, a happy B-day. He and I are the same age.


  1. Hugs to my favorite guy! 61 is the new 41 (so I've been told). Hope your day is glorious!

    ((((( *** ))))) BIG HUG

  2. DW,
    Thanks...maybe tomorrow will feel like 41. Today feels like 61...umm, with the exception of certain parts of the body that feel like 81! Cold and damp makes abused, arthritic joints ache.

  3. Stepperg4:37 PM

    Happy Birthday!!!! Make it a good one!