28 August, 2007


Smith &Wesson

Model 27, N-frame, 4" barrel in .357 Magnum, matching serial number: S-129924,
stamped with ".357 CTG ~ Highway Patrolman" on the right side of the barrel.

A couple of months ago over at http://www.sondrak.com/ The Kisp'ers had a somewhat heated debate over a pic of Tammy Bruce and her lil' wheel gun, "Snuffy"...in which the stunning Ms. Bruce holds onto the pistol in a seemingly cavalier fashion with her index finger neatly wrapped around the trigger.

Not A Good Thing! ...according to most "experts".

However, it did prompt me to put these thoughts together concerning my favorite pistol, the S&W .357 Mag. pictured above. The frame has been refinished, bead blasted and Parkerized and fit with Pachmyr grips. The double action pulls at about seven pounds when uncocked and about two pounds when cocked with absolutely no creep and as crisp as a new two-dollar bill.

This is my favorite sidearm while hiking, fishing and hunting. It also resides next to the bedstead while Deb and I sleep at home. Its big and somewhat heavy. Which is actually a good thing, given that I have it stoked with hand loads which are brutally powerful. I stuff a maximum load of powder into clean and primed Win. cases (ask me, maybe I'll share) that are topped with Hornady's 158gr, HP/XTP bullets.

Just its presence is sufficient to scare most folks. And those who aren't scared would do well not to test its authority in close quarters.


  1. I like S&W 357s. Sadly I sold my Model 686. Now I have a Ruger GP100. I also like it. Good ergomics for big paws like mine. Model 1911s are my #1 handguns, but there are many good wheel guns I like to shoot.

    Keep posting Colorado stuff. I lived in Lakewood for two years while I went to gunsmitty school. I also used to go to Craig Hospital in Englewood every year to get my gimpy self shaped up for another year. I love Colorado.

    Yeah, I am also one of the porch regulars at Sondra's.

  2. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Waitasec..the Model 27 was the high end version, the Model 28 (Highway Patrolman) was the 'no-frills' version. If your gun is stamped 'Highway Patrolman' then, I believe, youve got a Model 28 as opposed to a Model 27. Other distinguishing features are the 27 had checkering along the top of the gun, the 28 was simply flat matte finish and the 28 was not nearly as well polished as the 27. Your serial number range with the S-prefix shows it to be a fairly older gun...possibly predates the model numbering system? Regardless, I think you have a Model 28 there.

  3. Anonymous...
    You are right on. There is no checkering along the top rib.

    However, I could care less if it is a model 27 or 28, I like how it fits my hand and how it shoots.

    As to its age.....Yes, my L.E.O. friend who found it for me told me early on that it was from the late fifties or early sixties.

    I'll take your word that Snuffy Senior is a Model 28...*cough*...my guess is that the goblin on the receiving end of one of those 158 GR/XTP's will have other, more pressing agendas to deal with.

    Thanks for your input.

  4. Very nice piece. Functional, practical, and well cared for. Makes me want one now.

  5. Brigid,
    It is both of those things; functional and practical.

    It is also a versatile sidearm.

    I load .38 Special cases with 110 gr. wadcutter lead for practice and for teaching. Its shear size is intimidating to most folk. Yet once they touch off a few rounds, it's that size and mass and the Pachmyr grips that help with recoil and allow the novice shooter to become comfortable with such an intimidating piece.

    It is NOTa easily concealed weapon!